Personal Injury Law

A Guide to UK Personal Injury Law

The area of law includes many different categories such as criminal law, real estate law, and more.  Another type is personal injury law.  What is personal injury law and what does it include?  What qualifies as a personal injury case.  Here is a personal injury law guide.

UK Personal Injury Solicitors

A personal injury solicitor is a professional in the legal system who provides legal representation for person’s who obtain injury to their physical bodies, mental condition or their reputations.  Therefore, it covers a wide range of injuries to a person. To receive help for a personal injury, you must seek help from a person who is not only an attorney but who specialises in personal injury. Here are some examples of personal injury situations that could qualify for legal representation:

Vehicle Accidents

When a person is injured in an accident involving a vehicle that the person believes is the fault of the driver or other drivers, there may be a case of personal injury due to physical harm.  A vehicle may include a car, a truck, a van

Medical Malpractice

Although people who work in the medical profession, such as doctors and nurses, are professionals, if one of these professionals causes harm to a patient, that patient may have a personal injury case due to negligence or intentional damage which falls under medical malpractice.

Slip and Falls

What happens if there is ice in front of a building and you slip and fall on that ice?  You may have a slip and fall case against the owner of the building for failure to remove the ice.  This is an example of a slip and fall case.

Slander and Libel

Your reputation has been harmed by someone who you claim is lying about you on the Internet.  The alleged lies have caused you mental anguish as well as financial harm to your business.  You may have a personal injury case regarding slander and libel.

An Unfit Home

What happens if you buy a home that is filled with dangerous asbestos, for example, without your knowledge.  If the person who sold you the house was aware of the asbestos, you may have a personal injury case.

Dog Bites

There are lots of dogs out there, and as a pet owner, you’re responsible for taking care of your dog and making sure that your dog doesn’t harm anyone.  If you are negligent with your dog and your dog bites someone as a result, the person may have a personal injury case against you.

When you are seeking a personal injury attorney, it is best to request a complimentary consultation to determine if the attorney is right for you.   Ask any questions that you may have about your potential case.  Understand that there are time limits involved with personal injury cases which are typically three years. Paying for a personal injury case can get expensive, but depending on the kind of case, you can sometimes find insurance policies, such as home insurance, or car insurance, that will cover personal injury claims.